Decorate in Pink

Paint your Home in pink !
How about decorate your home in Pink?
What do you think about that?
Lets start with som Shabby Chic PINK images I must edmit, that even if Pink is not my kind of colour
(well, my douhgters room is like a pink princess cinderella candycake at the same time )
..but in this Diningroom the soft pink wallpaint is delightful ,
(and its like candy as well) I like the furniture to This is a very Charming pink kitchen
soo shabby chic..
..for my daughter...

some elegant and sophisticated Pink images

Beautiful & impressive handcraft on this dress

so tell me..

Would you choose pink to paint your walls?

First image photograp by Donna Griffith via webb the lennoxx,next the shabby chic kitchen via blog prairierose,bedroom for my daughter is flickr via the lennoxx, the,livingroom via blogg-windlost. sophisticated bedroom via the lennoxx

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