Bathroom to Dream about

Bathrooms... sooo adorable 
Bathroom is nowadays not only a place we should take a shower or a bath
Its has became a symbol for of refuge and where you can get recovery and more energi
a own Home Spa is one of the most requested on a wish list.
Here is a few adorarble Inspiration Bathroom pictures..
I would love to hear wich one is Your favorite..and why :))

My favorite is No 1,
Because : This Bathroom gives me a sence of balance, relaxation and the feeling of luxury , I like the volume of the room and love the window, when you open it I guess you se a beautiful garden as you can look out for when you taking a bath, If it to shining and light you can pull the curtains of the window and light candles for a guite relaxed moment, its a small dressingtable where I can powder my nose....

and my beautiful soft and luxurious bathrobe is of course in the beautiful chair..

you got the feeling ..right?

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