Shabby Chic Dining Room

Are you like me ?
Just LOOOOVE this White Classic Shabby Chic Style
yes I call it Classic Shabby Chic Style because I think there is differences
in the Shabby Style.
Like -take these t different images  I presents, all of them goes under the same seach Shabby Chic Dining Room.
The *mother* of Shabby Chic- Dining Room at Raschel Aswell

This two pictures below are more like kitchen dining rooms..but 
I think they show the different quit well , Imagine these furniture where still in their original paint..
what would you call them?
Country Style?..
..but since they are painted White, they called Shabby Chic.

What is Shabby Chic ?
  • Well, if you like Bold primary colors Shabby Chic is NOT for you .
    And..Shabby Chic does NOT mean you can have more dirty around you.
    Nor is the age of the furniture that is importent , it is the way their appearance.

    Shabby Chic is no particular a STYLE ,but ratcher balances elegant things with old and worn,shiny silver accessories with painted wooden furniture.

How to make the look.

1, White painted furniture
Collect pieces from flea markets, garage sales, and the attic. Spray with the white paint,sand off the corners and rough it up a little. Voila- You have Shabby Chic
2,Soft delicate color
Softwhite, muted grey,pale pink and faded green ,all have a place in a Shabby Chic Interior Home. 
3, Tea stained fabrics
To give the illusion of age, collect fabrics made to look old if you dont have a grandmothers place to find some treasures
4,Combine pattern & Colors
Keep the background color the same (white,ivory,grey etc) and combinde stripes,floral and checks so create a warm and inviting look. Then choose One color to repeat in almost every farics, such as a soft green or pale pink.

Picture no one Classic Dining Room with light blue painted walls from Not to Shabby,
Picture no two  from this lovely blog picture no 3 from this BLOG, the beautiful home of rashell aswell diningroom from shabbychic home blog. No 5 martha stewart interior via blog 
No 6 kitchen dining table via this blog, picture no 7 shabby chic dining table and two shars via blog
and finally oicture No 9 the sbhabby shabby chic small table and white rug via blog

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