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Stillife picture from my home

Som proffesionell bloggare så har jag förmånen att träffa duktiga fotografer, just nu har jag samarbete med Fotograf Linda Hagberg som jag valt att porträttera för er, samtliga  bilder i detta inlägg är tagna av henne.
 As a professional blogger I have the privilege to meet talanted photographers, One of them is Swedish  Linda Hagberg.right now we have various cooperation and I have therefore chosen to present her for you at the Sunday Profile.

Linda säger att -* Ögonblick och intryck som väcker känslor och tankar är vad bild handlar om. Vårt seende är så fantastiskt och så färgat av direkthet. En bild talar till oss på sitt omedelbara sätt och säger ju faktiskt mer än tusen ord.
Linda says that-" Moments and impressions that evoke emotions and thoughts is what the picture is about.
Our vision is so amazing and so colored by the directness. A picture speaks to us in his immediate way and
says, in fact,more than thousand words. 

This is Linda :)

Beautiful pictures from Magazine PLAZA photo by Linda H

Linda berättar vidare att det gäller att vara öppen för olika vinklar och sätt att närma sig sina objekt. Dethar helt enkelt fallit sig naturligt för Linda att hålla på med foto.Det bästa med att fotografera är att få hitta kreativa lösningar och att få fram bilder som verkligen kan användas till något. Att få tänka på perfektiv och komposition.

Linda tells us that be open to different angles and approaches to theirs object. It has simply fallen naturally to Linda to get involved with photography. The best thing to photograph is to find creative solutions and to generate images that really can be used for anything. Getting consider perfective and composition.

 Som fotograf får jag fota olika sammanhang och situationer,inte en dag är den andra lik. Mitt drömjobb är att få fota interiörbilder på uppdrag för större möbelföretag och att fortsätta och skriva för magasin.
As a photographer,I take pictures of different contexts and situations,not one day is ever the same. My dream job is to shoot interiors on assignment for major furinture companies and to continue and write for magazines.

REAL flower arrangement at Prince Eugen Waldemarsudde

Lars Wallin fashion Stories


Linda was the photographer whos was with me when I hade the opportunity to meet in person swedens Houte couture designer Lars Wallin. Linda even took som great pictures from the exhibition 

Gustav den III på Kungliga Operan 2008
Hatt och stola till Kim Andersson i musikalen Ingen Ängel precis. Ägare Oscarsteatern. Paljetterad hatt och strutsplym. Svandunsstola. Skissen ovan är från original iden till denna kreation.
This it swan feather plume hat was made for Kim Andersson i her musial *Im not an Angel" the owner is the Oscarstheater. The sketch to this creation you see above
the meeting
I hade been looking forward to my meeting with Lars Wallin for a time, he has certainly been an inspiration time. In his database can we found, in addition to all the greats in Sweden´s celebrity elite,including foreign celebrity and the royal family. Lars Wallin create unique dresses and exclusive materials where his creative spirit and passion is the seam that cinnects the coveted creations.

-Where does he find his inspiration?
He is inspired by french 50`s couture and Hollywood glamor, and there is a lot to get inspired of thats surronds us says Lars further,so its pretty easy to get inspired.

His interest in fashion and creation has always been around him,his parents have not influenced him,and they were either not very artistic so there´s nothing he inherited. If he had not been discovered in 1992 when he put it all on a collaboration with the celebrity hairdresses Björn Axen,however , he is convinced that he had a profession in the creation,possibly a painter...

  When I wrtite a lot about interior design, I was curious to know what has characterized Lars home?
   Well, Lars did not tell me much How his home looked like,BUT he spoke of the importance of how important it is to surround themselves with things that you like and makes you feel good. For example when he is travel he chose hotel with care

We talked about the importance of being a good teamleader, Lars acclaimed his team.he said several times that he had never managed to do soif they were not for them. I saw an extremely humle man who is giving the establishment a soul. 
I asked Finally , When he will beign designing shoes?
  Lars Wallin lauged a bit and said yes, it is not known...but at present no plans...
(now the PR gilr told us the time was over...) BUT I wonted to know I trew out fast..
What colors we womoan should have in our closet.?
Invest in good shoes in colors like gold,silver,nature,black and red, then you have a good base.

The raincoat is on of  Lars Wallins "certificate" from his degree from designschool eckmans, it a plastic coat with Swarovski crystal buttons

The beautiful sketches are made of Lars Wallin

see more of Lindas work HERE

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