DIY by Wendy Bellissimo

 I am renovating my daughter´s room.
shes is growing..she is no longer mums little baby anymore..
(even if I think she is..)
anyway, all I had to transform in her little girl design into a big-girl room , was remove here small bed and furniture and pop a beautiful bunk bed..
Inspiration do I get from various favorite interior magazines
the picture below is from the book
*Nesting* by Wendy Bellissimo

beutiful girl bed from the NESTING by Wendy Bellissimo

Here is my daughter Sophies room, as it looks like right now..
I will reshuffling and enhance the color of green and goldbrown
She is with me in this and paint and select textile.
I think it is importend to listen to the childs own ideas, they love to decorate,
and they often have very good ideas.

The flags are from Shabby Chic stor no 1, Rachell Aswell, and they will stay in the room :)
In the beginning all this furniture were clean wood in pine when they were used in big brother Philips boy room.

She will still have her beautiful Pink kitchen in her room...
 I do agree with her, the kitchen is just adorable..who dosen´t want to play there?

Inspiration picture from POTTERY BARN
the link will take you to their lovely outdoor furniture
The process..We will build in the bed where we put liitle curtains so Sophie can draw on,
a *roof* should also be there with lighting lika a starry sky

just say yes
some good advice from wendy bellissimo
You cant always say yes, but use the word *no* sparingly. Negativity aside,opposing your child´s will without fair and honest explanation will undemine your bond and dimish their self-confidence. However young they may be,always give your children the opportunity to understand-they will respect you for it and trust themselves to do right thing next time.

Image source picture no 1 from book nesting by wendy bellissimo, picture no 2 and 3, the pink girl room, is from my private album and daughters room. picture no 4 from pottery barn´s catalog

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