Görvälns Slott- Princess Castle

Would you like to sleep like a princess?
Görvälns Castle in Sweden is the place to be.
Every room has their own charctar and the creativity is admirable.
all furniture/interior design is made by the owner of this dreamy hotel from the 1600´s

This silverbed is the most photographed room at the hotel
darling princess room nr 31
When the owner created this room they wanted to keep the feeling of the 1600th and the rough nature walls, combinated with gilded furniture and ostrich feathers. 

I think the they did extremely well.

Florentine room nr 32

Before & After
room nr 29
Here are great pictures how the owners of Görvälns
has created Dreamrooms for their hotelguest
This is the lates renovated room wich had the theme of animals,
before it was a laundry room..
 Take a look at the luscious rokokochair that has fabric of goat.
Before and After
room nr 28
This is one of my favorites
Just delicious...
The Green Room
and London fashion week

Take a look at the shirt at the right..
the designer *borrowed* the picture from the green room
cool isnt it?

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