Castles,Crowns & Treasures

My darling readers, let me tell you something about
our country Sweden.
We have beautiful Castles ,Mansions and estates which originated several hundred years back in time. Thoose magnificeant houses are really treasures.
 I love visit our castles where our royalty have lived, 
I can almost hear their living from the past.

magnificent picture from all the 8 room in the file at the ground floor.
Take a look att the beautiful handpainted wallpaper/Photograph by Me
With great anticipation I took my friend and photographer Sabina Tabacovic with me and visit the Caslte Svartsjo,
Photograph by Me
 She took some magnificent pictures of here models while I was walking around the castles with the "Casle Wife" Stina Odlinder Haubo who lease this beautiful castle this summer.

behind the scenes pictute by me, models and styling by photographer Sabine Tabacovic
Photograph by Me

The castle´s newly awakening
Svartsjö Castle was built in the 1730´s as a royal summer palace.With Svartsjo Castle introduced the architect Carl Harleman Rococo in Sweden and Svartsjö became a model for Swedish country house architecture. 
After years of abandonment the castle has been renovated to its former glory.

The National Property Board undertook a renovation of the castle which lasted for 8 years.
under the direction of the palace architect Helena Tallius Myhrman

The Castle has wonderful detalils like this ornament..
 ..and this beautiful century -old floor

The Castle during the summer months has the most beautiful exhibition of paintings,furnitur,carpets and handcraft,well worth a visit. At the Cafe they serve French delicacies.

Slottet arrenderas av Stina Odlinder Haubo,hon är konstvetare och välrenomerad expert på antika möbler, med en bakgrunf från Nationalmuseum och Kungl,Husgeråds-kammaren. Författare till böcker du kan läsa om här

Utställningar på Svartsjö slott 2011,
Under sommarmånaderna är slottet öppet där rummen har olika utställningar med vackra tavlor,möbler, keramik, fotografier, mattor..
I slottscafet serveras franska delikatesser.
Det sker konserter och spökvandringar
läs mera här

Läs mera om utställningarna och konserterna på Svartjö slott, Gabriellas Blogg, pernilla ströms blogg
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