Sunday Profil -Oh So ShAbBy Debbie Reynolds

Welcome to Sunday Profile
Today I will share with you a very inspiring page from Facebook,
whose owner Debbie Reynolds spreading joy and love with her picture
of stunning interior and great words of wisdom. 

Oh So Shabby by Debbie Reynolds

Oh So Shabby share with us stunning
Chic Cottage Living pictures...

See the Beauty that surrounds us
"Sometimes in life thing´s don´t go the way we had planned, but remember there is a bigger plan for you,and it is going accordingly"
                                         -Debbie Reynolds
...adorable shabby chic bedding pictures...
,,pictures of Beautiful Flowers
French Vintage Home Goodnees

Pictures to drooll ower...
living room pictures in french vintage elegant style
"Forgivness will make you a BETTER person, 
while holding a grudge will only make you a BITTER person"
                                                                          -Debbie Reynolds 
"Dreams are renewable, no matter what age or condition,
there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born"
                                        -Debbies words of wisdom
 From Dreamy Whites
"Today is the first day of the best of your life"
                                                    Debbie Reynolds
  Debbie Reynold about her page:
" Welcome to "Oh So Shabby". Where taking old things and giving them a elegant purpose for the home is what Im all about. As I finish my passions,I will be displaying theme here for sale to the public. So share this page, and come back often.
Sharing & Inspiring
Debbie: I love to take old things and re purpose them. As well as share and inspire others with my re dos my home and others ideas as well. I share picture I love wich I fing at other blogs and some is from my private album. 

Debbie is sharing a lot of great blogs at her page, she helps the ones thats inspires her get off the ground and get noticed for their talents. For me Debbie is leading by example, she is really a sweetest angel  and we all love the way she is sharing and caring with us.

Visit her PAGE 
If the link dosen´t work (sometimes links are different around the word)
 seach for  Oh So Shabby by Debbie Reynolds

 Wish you all a SUNNY SUNday 
//love Marie

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