Teen Bedroom ideas

Here is a Sneak Peak of my son Philips NEW bedroom
I have papered one of the walls with this black and white wallpaper.

Philip like interior design and have chosen the wallpaper himself.
Wall opposite the stripes will have a wallpaper with motiv with BIG compass.
he wanted a sophisticated  theme that was not so marin..
therefore the color is in black,brown,grey and silver. 

In the begining of the renovation...

My working table in the Kitchen
Philips bedroom befor..well I have just paint the walls with white color..
before they were bright blue and striped red and white wallpaper
His boy bedroom was like a giant american flag :))
I will show you pictures of that as well It was beautiful ..
but nothing for a teen..you know..

I like to play with contrast, therefore I have divided the wall with a decorlist and added the wallpaper crosswise

its really messy..but its fun :))
more to come..

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