Are you planning to move?
Are your thoughts on hiring a homestylist who add value to your accommondation?
The latest trend in Sweden is to make your home personal,it should appear that someone still really lives there. The selling ads in the magasines are more like an interior story.
Very unlike traditional homestyling ..

 I welcome this trend with open arms, Ive been waiting for this
and keep wondering why I didnt start it myself..?? 
Anyway. these are pics from an apartment sale for Alvhem  Makleri in Gothenburg, unlike most other real estates agents, they put great effort and care into showing the character of each abode. The idea is to reach more potential buyers. 
I welcome this homestyling it with open arms, Ive been waiting for this for aa loong time..Im sooo tired to look in the newspaper and every home seems to look the same...
This gives an injection of creativity,diversity and beauty. 
The interior pictures tells a story 

What do you think about this kind of homestyling...?
How does it work in  your country..?
Would love to here your thoughts


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