Lanvin Fashion and Tamarro

When fashion goes Tamarro
by Eleonora Galli
At the beginning was Jersey Shore, some American girls and boys living all together in a house go to parties every night. A funny way to represent a kind of young American (all with Italians background) with the only purpose to have fun and go crazy. Now the phenomenon  just exploded, we find them everywhere, they become superstars, and they influence a style.
Yes because be a Tamarro also means have a particular dress code, over the top, scandalous for the girls and really macho for the boys.

Until that no problem, tv always influence fashion and street style, but in this case the opposite happens: a street style and a particular kind of style conquer fashion and style system. We all get tamarro (hope not).
Why I talk about this? Because this kind of junk television and junk fashion could also became a genius thing, if it is a genius like Alber Elbaz to reinvent it. Tamarro and Lanvin are just two words we cannot imagine together… instead it happens! And could also became a genial piece of communication!

Lanvin winter campaign 2011/12 is an example of that. Two famous models ( Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmerman) and two man models, all dress in Lanvin dance a Disco song by Pitbull, one of that song that “Tamarro” people love. The result is just hilarious and at the end there is another surprise…

I love this campaign because it understand the trend of the entertainment right now, make fun of that and became a masterpiece!! Elbaz is a genius we know that!
We had another example of that at the vma of this year, last Sunday Lady Gaga was replaced by Jo Calderone her male alter ego. Another Italian boy just a little tamarro who just monopolize the entire show, and thanks God! The show this year was really boring and below expectations!

In conclusion I am really happy when fashion and entertainment world make fun of themselves, take a chip trends and make it great! 
At this point we have just to thanks Jersey Show ;)

//Eleonora Galli

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