Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe & Anna Wintour

Powerful could find unigue ways.
                                                                                by Eleonora Galli

Three famous and women: Anna Wintour, Jakie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe.

What they have in common? 
They are both the best in their own business. Anna is the most powerful person in Fashion. Jackie has been the first lady of the United States and maybe the most loved, Marilyn is the most famous actress and stars of all time. They are both fashion icon, Anna has her own personal style, start trends and launch unknown fashion designers. 
Jackie create an unique style, her complete, her tailleur, sunglasses everything she wore immediately become a trend, her style is repeated and copies even today. Marilyn is  beyond fashion her person become a whole with her character, and her clothes were part of it, as mask to hide behind.
Marilyn Monroe
They are both icon of all time, but if you think they have another thing in common. They create an iconic hair cut! Always the same perfectly recognizable all over the place.
It is not a case. They create precise image of herself, everything is perfectly coordinated and thinking about and so it is for their hair. They create a strong image to became icon. Having always the same haircut, color and style they  create an ideal of stability and security, they don’t have to change their image their personality was completely represent by it. 
Jackie Kennedy

That is to say power could get through hair. Anna run a worldwide business it’s image has to be always recognizable and give a sense of stability. Something never change you can trust in it. Jackie was the wife of the president, she has to give an image of herself in which other woman could dream about and admire but also someone to trust and identify oneself. Marilyn create a character that represent a century a country a star system, that image couldn’t change!

Anna Wintour
Think about it strong woman create her strength also through their outer image, a certainty, symbol of strength and personality.

That is to say create always your own style, unique, this security will conquered everybody!
                                                    //Eleonora Galli

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