Pure Interior Design Trends 2012

There are 5 topics in trends 2012, here is no 1
Wellnes, balance, open landscape,slow down,uncomplicated,beautiful and simple are some of the key words Sweden trend forecaster Stefan Nilsson uses when he speaks about trend in 2012 in an exhilarating way that makes us all long for..
 PURE unadorned & beautiful
 PURE White , Elegant, Ambiance & Soft
PURE Relaxing ,Elegant & Feng Shui 
PURE rice paper lamps ,they symbolizez the bare and beautiful.
this georgeous lamps are from well known french designer Inga Sempé, she is also guest of honor next year at stockholm furniture fair
PURE the wood trend continues inot 2012, here Max Lambs chair from woodware collection London design festival 2011

Here is London designer Simon Hasan a person who´s name is on everyone lips.
Here he is at his home for the telegraph photo: andrew crowley.

 Clean in form but with natural warmth that makes a home the perfect place to rest and regan energy.

picture source:
*concretewalls with white and soft grey linen/textils, New York City apartment via homeautodesign.
*classic living room picture with beautiful chandelier white sofa, books and animal chair via patterns color
*rokoko header in this PURE romantic bedroom from ELLE decor via interiorgallery design
*bathtube with feng shui feeling from hotel bali
*inga sempe paper lamp via ecofriend
*max lamp woodware collection via maisonchaplin
*simon hasan via online magazine the telegrapher

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