TREND 2012 anti-consumption

No 2 TREND 2012
The trend continues in 2012,that actually was already begin in 2008. Im talking about the anti-consumption.
The "Shabby Chic" trend will continue in a long time, however,with other TREND Colours..We can already see that the white graduallu begins to take more of the colors..BUT the base consists..We want to recycle and love the feeling of old furniture with a history.
We recognize the value we have in our furniture at home and begins to replace the ruling againts another..Ex If you take my chair..I can take your table.

Antiques markets and flea markets in increasing all over the world

go out to the woods pureboheme
DIY trend helps to breathe life into old furniture.
You can revive, istead of replace , old furniture
this beautiful kitchen from swedish magazine skonahem

keep your old chair and put some new textils on it,
this one from smallkaramell

This is Doris Lessing, a women we will increasingly take on board and find inspiration of.
the book The golden Notebook  is lessings most celebrated achivement, a book to be affected by.
Stefan Nilsson Swedens  most renowned trend forecatser, has set the bar with anti-consumption he says-  The environment debate has become too complex for us so we bothered to take a decision on what product we actually going to buy. We like recycle, we like slow food, raw food
We like what they did in the past. We appreciate the "lady" " the old lady is the new vogue".

We will of course continue to consume things 
we become more aweare of what we buy.

keep on glam and rock on//Marie Söderberg

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