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Guest post from M.A and the 2nd
Interior Designer Francess Russell Firstly, I must thank the georgeous Marie from *Classic Style*. We became friends through our blogs,and she is just a lovely,genuine person and her blog is always fresh,elegant and full of style. Marie was kind enough to tell me how to put yhe "snow" on my blog so we can thank her for th ethereal finish. I dedicate this guest post to her...A lovely lady and a true friend.

You all know Iam enamoured of 18th century history especially french history. ...Everything about it I Love...I have always felt like I had an affinity with the past and yearning to know how they lived,what they ate,how they dressed...even now with pieces of antique furniture.
Im curious
I wonder "Who sat on this Louise sofa before, who dined at this Georgian table and what secrets were whispered?" it is also special when you come across other like.minded souls who understand the difference between Louis the 15th and Louis the 16th style...
Not that it really matters as both are equally beautiful but is wonderful so think that Iam not the only one thinking Versailles,egg and dart motifs,macarons,parquet flooring,pastel palettes,monstrous hairstyles and divine,delectable and delicious ppetite morsels of cake...Even just to imagine the work of Louise le Vau and Charles le Brun is overwhelming...

Which brings me to my next chateau.."vaux le Vicomte"..this chateau is actually 17th century...

Built by a fellow called Fouguet who I think was a treasurer in the government of Louis the 14th.

Magnificent chateau
Fouquet was a romantic and set about building a magnificent chateau using the talents of Louis le vau,Andre le Notre and Charles le Brun..then unknowns in French society. In 1661..5 years before the Great Fire of London..Fouquet had a great party to celebrate his gorgeous new chateau. He invited the King,Louis the 14th and there was a great party where 2000 candles were lit and there was fireworks and an orchestra and champagne flowed....

Jealous King

Unfortunately, the King was very jealous and imprisoned Fouquet for various charges...And proceed to engage the artists,le Vau.le Brun and le Notre and commission them to start work on the Chateau Versailles,which at that time was still just a hunting lodge...Each year they re-enact the party of 1661 and light 2000 candles in the chateau and there is no other light ..they have a Baroque orchestra playing in the exquisite gardens and champagne bar...Parfait indeed!

I had visit the chateau
I had the pleasure of visiting Vaux le Vicomte 3 years ago.
I have this idea that if Fouquet had never had the party and invitetd the King...would versailles be what it is today because paerhaps he would not have discovered those great artisan to create the Palace we know..food for thought!

My home in Australia
So the I take you from 17th/18Th century France to 21th century Australia ! Queensland to be axact and to my home "Cooloola" which means "resting place". The style of architecture here is very colonial due to our origins of pioneering Anglo saxons

we have beautiful verandas

In Queensland due to our very hot,humid climate we have what is called "Colonial Queendlanders" which have beautiful verandas,very high ceilings,polished floors and built to catch the breezes. Our home "Cooloola" was built in about 1890..

our beautiful poolhouse

We have beautiful Georgian style sash windows,big verandas and truncated gables. The back of our home we renovated to create a beautiful lagoon pool with pool-house for entertaining. The colonial feel to the home comes from sprawling verandahs but also the symmetry of the home.

Frances lovely veranda at the left
and the backyard with the lagoon pool house

perfect for Bar-B-Ques

We love entertaing hera as it is perfect for our hot summers...But the interiors for me merge..Our lives in Australia are very much governed by indoor/outdoor lifestyle hence bar-b-ques on the deck or soirees in the formal area. The beauty of Colonial Queenslanders means that you can do both forms of entertaining. Our formal areas includes a dining and drawing room and I often open a sash window which then flow out onto the front verandah.

You are always so very much welcome to come and join for some champagne and sit and chat and enjoy life....
-Francess Russell

picture at the left are from Francess livingroom ..
and the champagne is always on ice...

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