So long..Goodbye..Farwell...

Fashion report from Eleonora Galli, Classic Styles fashiondesigner from Italy writes about
the sad news about John Galliano´s fall
she writes:
"It has happened all so fast,a drunk person in a club and some strangers been offended,it was just a week ago and Saturday the 5th,it has been taken place the last Dior show by john Galliano.

Ita really a sad story
Yes, because the drunk man was John Galliano, Chritians Dior´s fashion designer for about 14 years and the strangers where Jews couple that have filmed all the bad situation,in wich John Galliano offend them as Jews people. Its a really sad story,the worst end we could never imagine for such an important relationship as this one between the maison Dior and John Galliano was. It was an awful behavior by Galliano and Dior had taken his decision,the best possible in such a duifficult situation.
Gallianos last show
Saturday we saw his last Dior fashion show, and behind the bad behavior there is still...theres was...and there will be an artist. It is not right for me now trying to eliminate Galliano or try to demonize him,just one month ago everybody would love this collection and now everybody disclaim him.

He didn´t appeared.
The dress he maid remain a pice of art and history we don´t have to forget that he had collaborated for 14 years with one of the most famous atelier of the world,and it wasn´t just a case miser Galliano in what he do is a genius. It´s really shame for me as a fashion´s lover see a love story end so badly, and it had left me with a said sensation,for all what happened.
Anyway this collection is another perfect example of the symbiosis between creator and atelier what make that collaboration brilliant. At the end of the show Galliano didn´t appeared but there all the Dior´s group of collaboration

But is not the end,will see who will take the place of Galliano and how he would rise again and redeem himself- Eleonora Galli

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