PARIS - Je t´aime

This weekebd  I am participating in a Blogparty via lovely blog
where we celebrate Paris
When I think of Paris
(in addition to the accordion music that automatically sounds in my head)
Even this:
First: The Eiffeltower

Le Fantome d lÓpera,1910 by Gaston Leroux, The novel sold very poorly at that time.Today, it is considered to be a Classic French Literature.
Black and white fashion pictures

I hade the opportunity to visit Paris a couple a years ago..
and I feelt in love with all the beautiful buildings...
the cafe´s..the antiques stores..Lovren, Notre Dame, the ..hole Paris..:))
the city of light,love & passion

I agree with Audrey Hepurn..
Paris is always a good idea

photo source: picture no 1 women in dress haning out of the eiffeltower via mistressmaddie
the phantom of the opera via the studio ton, the black and white picture with a fashion lady in a hat via go to glamour,
the black and white picture with a lady in a black hat from the back at the eiffeltower via analoque chic.
all the others inspirational Paris pictures via weheartit

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