Italian Summer holidays by Eleonora Galli

Italians do it better...the summer holidays
Eleonora Galli Tell us all about it.
Italy is known for many reasons,someone good someone not so good. Food, fashion and arts are maybe the things we do and we have done better. But there is also something we have received as a gift, we should be proud of it, try to protect it and improve it: Italy’s landscapes are one of the most beautiful and famous places in the world. It could be hills, mountains, costs, beaches, but probably the last one is the one of what we are famous for. Italy could offered different kind of summer locations, you could have the famous one, the most touristic, the most glamorous, the most party one, the most natural but all of them are in their own way breathtaking and unforgettable
I would like to accompany you in a tour of some of the most famous and beautiful beaches/ summer locations of Italy. But I can do it only in a touristic way of it, I am not a touristic guide, I will show you a combination of fashion and places. For each locations I choose two looks that represents that particular locations, its costume, its history, its traditions and most important its way to live and enjoy the summer. Each of this locations have a personal soul and are different from each other, the looks I choose are to make you understand the particular mood that surrounding this locations.

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Adriatic Riviera:
Here they way to live summer is fun, fun, and fun, In this locations there are a lot of pubs and disco, the night live is the most frenetic and crazy. You usually go to the beach in the afternoon because you go to bed in the morning, so you need a look for the party and another one for the beach where you can not live without your sunglasses, that are used to cover your hangover.

Amalfi coast

Amalfi coast:
Famous for it bright color, its blus see the nature the colorful flavors, everything is full of joy. The warm of the people, the incredible beauty of the place will make you fell in love. You will live this holiday on the beach and taking an aperitif on a beautiful terrace watching the sunset, eating the best food of your life.


Tuscany it not only art and culture, it is also famous for its landscape, the vineyards and the color of the land, like: brown, gold and dark green. A summer holiday in Tuscany will be in a old restored farm, it will fell you like part of that place, part of the culture. Eating the land products and walking in the fields. You can also go to the beaches and during the evening go to Florence or other city to eat a fiorentina and take a walk around the city.
emilo pucci
 its like the heaven, the most amazing sea and beaches you would ever seen, a landscape made of Mediterranean vegetation and an uncontaminated environment, a place you will not forget. Sardinia is an island that can offer you the kind of holidays you prefer. You can choose an uncontaminated beaches with not so much tourists or you can choose a more glamorous part of Sardinia where you can find a lot of V.I.P.s, discos and famous brand shops.

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The island of passion. You will fell in love with the people, beautiful and warm, and the place of course. Sicily is the land of the citrus, that smell will accompany you during the trip and you will bring with you. Sicily is like a hollow a secret place, you will always discovery something new and beautiful. Sicily is old Greek monument is a land made of rocks and little vegetation. Its foods is extraordinary and its mood is unique. Sicily is an unique place it is a combinations of sensation, its culture and history made of it a fantastic place that will surprise you.

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text by Eleonora Galli -Classic Style´s fashion blogger,
photo source from S/S 2011 via Eleonora

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